What’s Up?

Welcome to Lisa’s Inner Web Sight!


It’s good to breathe air. It’s good to be alive. Alive and a little off color (at least off color is how most people describe me). Alive with a little more living yet to do. Yeah. Alive is good. Very good.

I’ve noticed some people are a little bit more alive than others. I’m glad to meet people who vary in their degree of alive. Mostly I am glad I am more alive now than I used to be. I hope to become more alive still.

While I was still mostly dead I started scribbling some pages. The revisit this allowed woke me up. By the end of the pages, I was a lot more alive than dead. People who read them sometimes tell me the pages helped them become a little bit more alive too.

If you are curious about them, you can click here to learn a bit more.