Meet Lisa

Lisa is a less than tall woman in her mid fifties …. maybe late fifties depending on how you feel about the number 7.

Lisa and her Santa Claus variety of husband whom she calls Tank have been married like 10-15 years and have a collection of 6 kids and about 10 natural wonders of the world they call grandkids.

Lisa and Tank love to travel with friends, find distant dive restaurants on Harley road trips, and send people over to meet the Triplets face-to-face.

Lisa has mostly lived in Texas with some years in the middle of her life when she called Scotland home.

Lisa renames people sometimes because she sees them differently than other people see them. She writes her name backwards (ASIL) because she finds it faster and easier to write from the right hand side of the page to the left.

Lisa has generated her bill paying revenue as a landscaper for the last 2.5 decades.

Mostly she is ordinary and likes the things and the people she likes very much. She is kind of quirky and often quite funny and madly in love with the Triplets. Insanely in love with the Triplets. Enough love to step out of her comfortable and be willing to share stuff mostly preferred to be private. As long as it ends with an invite to more of the Triplets, she’ll deal with the rest.

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