Is Lisa an author?

Arthur–the boy name like King Arthur comes from the Welsh word “bear,” It was an ancient Roman Clan name — Artorius — meaning noble and/or courageous.

So while Lisa is not a boy nor a king … she can be quite bearish and sometimes courageous, but the jury is still out on the noble part.

According to Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary the word author comes from the Latin root word “augeo” which means to increase. The primary sense is one who brings or causes to come forth.

In the sense of “one who brings or causes to come forth,”  then Lisa as an author may be way true. She is an includer person. She digs bringing anyone interested and anyone uninterested into the thinks and reveals that come to light in her ordinary world.

Is Lisa a professional photographer?

A professional is someone who has been paid to complete a project. Lisa is therefore an unprofessional mom, momo (grandmom), wife, and photographer.

She has been paid to throw newspapers, mow yards, export products, wait tables, build jewelry, and landscape properties with trees and stuff. So she is a professional paper thrower, lawn mower, table waiter, jewelry builder, and landscaper. But not a professional photographer.

Is Lisa elderly?


Well maybe.

It’s a perspective question and therefore has a perspective answer. If the asker person is elderly, then no. Neither the asker nor the unprofessional photographer (see above) are elderly. If the asker person is in the millennial age group region … then yes. Proudly. Elderly.

Is Lisa a speaker?

Not of the House. Well, not of that big house up in Washington D.C. where one is required to have wavering and strong opinions. But, maybe the big house where she may end up in should she ever get caught at some stuff.

Lisa is a speaker of the House of the Triplets (a.k.a. the Trinity) because she likes them very much, and loves speaking about them and sometimes she does that colorfully.

Does Lisa like FAQs ?

Lisa believes that if a question is frequently asked, and the answer is consistently the same, then at some point we can stop asking it so frequently.

Does Lisa come with a one year warranty?

If by warranty you mean guarantee? No.

If by warranty you mean warning? Yes

Is there a generic Lisa prescription with the same chemistry and results?

Probably. But it costs more and insurance doesn’t cover it.

Can I return Lisa for a full refund?

Her mother already tried. No success.

Where can I get a full sized poster of Lisa?

Define full sized.

Does Lisa use anyone’s real name?

Always. It’s not her fault that mothers misnamed their kids at birth. Her names are the real names. There is no nick in them.

How do I unsubscribe from Lisa?

You cannot. It’s like the Hotel California.