When I Last Saw Me

When the world got too small and being part of it got too unbearable she ran.  Mostly west.  On the way she bumped into her past and found some reconcile with her present.  Filled with memories common to us all, too familiar demons, the longing, the searching, the betrayal and brokenness — the beauty of it all.  When I last Saw Me might just help you find you too.

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“… a journey of hope and redemption.  You will find yourself in these pages.  You will discover that you are found, known, seen, heard and can be healed by the only One who is able to love us to wholeness.”

Founder A21 & Propel Women, Author of Undaunted

“Every life road has a forkwhere fear and faith collide.  …she pushes forward to discover that the intentional choice of faith leads singularly to the destination of freedom.”

CEO of Bella Vaughan, Inc.